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Perigord (Black) Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum)


The Black (Perigord) Truffle is often regarded as THE black truffle.  Scientifically speaking, at maturity, they contain tight veining inside and hosts a high density of matter that produces the Volatile Organic Compounds (ie odour) which, in a good truffle, contain a wider range of the essential truffle compounds at higher levels.

Note: In the photo, the Perigord Truffle is on the left, the Brumale Truffle to the right.  The lighter colour ofhte Perigord Truffle is due to it not quite being at full maturity.

Winter Truffle (Tuber Brumale)

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Out of the lime-light, the Brumale Truffle is capable of harmonising a dish well, but still developed and complex enough to be the hero.

The Brumale Truffle was the key ingredient in Toby's Nose - the truffled Porter Beer - a strongly malted, complex dark beer (perfect for beside a roaring fire on a cold winter night).

Toby's Nose - Truffled Porter Beer

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Porter is a naturally complex and malty beer - but with truffle harmonising the naturally complex pallet you get a symphony in yeast and malt - with a mild truffle after taste.  A very unique and enjoyable twist to a dark beer.